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The Monarch Store is your one-stop shop for all of your monarch materials. Here, you will find our original "Monarchs and More" curriculum, as well as posters, books, and many other monarch-related items.

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Category: Books and Curriculum Guides

  • A Field Guide to Monarch Caterpillars $7.00
  • Learning From Monarchs: A Teacher’s Handbook $14.00
  • Milkweed Visitors $11.00
  • Milkweed, Monarchs & More $9.00
  • Monarch! Come Play With Me $11.00
  • Monarchs and More Curriculum Guides - 4th Edition $21.00
  • Monarchs in a Changing World: Biology and Conservation of an Iconic Butterfly $40.00
  • Schoolyard Ecology Explorations (SEE) Curriculum Guide $18.00
  • The Enlarged and Updated 2nd Edition of Milkweed, Monarchs & More $18.00
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