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Biology & Research

Biology & Research

Learn more about the complex biology and natural history of monarchs, from identifying instars to following their migration patterns, and learn about what researchers are studying.

Education & Gardening

Education & Gardening

Monarchs and gardens can be useful educational tools in both formal classroom settings and informal learning environments. This page provides more information on Monarch Lab workshops, curriculum guides, and butterfly gardening.


Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

The MLMP is a program in which volunteer citizen scientists collect and report real scientific data on monarch egg and larval distribution and abundance from their monarch breeding habitat(s).


Monarch Store

A place to buy all of your monarch-related things! Shop for curriculum guides, monitoring supplies, other educational materials and more.

Monarch Lab is on YouTube!

Monarch Lab Ph.D. candidate, Carl Stenoien, has been building an archive of stunning timelapse videos. Carl has been able to expertly record a variety of butterfly species pupating and eclosing. Some of Carl's videos even offer a view into the more sinister side of nature. Carl studies parasitoid wasps (small wasps that lay their eggs inside a pupal host), and was able to get some novel footage of Pteromalus cassotis parasitoids emerging from a parasitized chrysalis, as well as P. cassotis parasitizing a pupating monarch. These are some "must-see" videos for anyone interested in the amazing world of insects. 

Carl Stenoien's YouTube Channel

Monarch Lab is on YouTube!

Latest News

Dr. Oberhauser on Wisconsin Public Radio: The Joy Cardin Show

Monday, July 27, 2015 3:37 pm

Join host Joy Cardin as she speaks to conservation biologist and Monarch Lab director Dr. Karen Oberhauser about efforts to save the monarch butterfly. Use the link below to acess Dr. Oberhauser's radio interview on the Joy Cardin show on WPR. Available as a Direct mp3 download.    Dr. Oberhauser on Joy Cardin

From Our Blog

Monarch Lab on YouTube!

Thursday, September 17, 2015 12:27 pm

Monarch Lab Ph.D. candidate, Carl Stenoien, has been building an archive of stunning timelapse videos. 


About Us

Meet Monarch Lab staff and students and get to know our history.



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Monarch Conservation

The UMN Monarch Lab is a partner of the Monarch Joint Venture, a national partnership working to conserve the monarch migration in the U.S.

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