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The Monarch Lab is Migrating

Posted on Monday, May 6, 2019 at 12:30 pm in Monarch Lab Research Updates, Monarch Store Updates, North American Monarch Institute

We’re integrating! The Monarch Lab and Monarch Joint Venture have always been close partners, working together from the same location at the University of Minnesota for nearly 10 years.

However, the Monarch Joint Venture has recently transitioned to become a standalone nonprofit organization. By continuing to work together  and bringing the strong education initiatives of the Monarch Lab under the wing of the Monarch Joint Venture, we can make sure the great work that the Monarch Lab has done over it’s 25+ year history will continue to inform and enrich the lives of people and educators across North America.

Existing Monarch Lab initiatives  like the North American Monarch Institute (NAMI) will be carried on by the MJV in order to grow the rich history of the Monarch Lab’s education work. We’re excited to partner with the US Forest Service and University of Wisconsin Arboretum to lead NAMI this year. In addition to existing programming, we’re thrilled to explore new opportunities to strengthen the MJV education program by working with our network of partners across the United States.

The Monarch Lab has been a go-to resource for monarch biology information and educational resources, so we will ensure that the Monarch Lab website is fully integrated with the MJV website so that the resources remain available. MJV will continue to host the URL for an extended period to minimize confusion in bringing these programs and resources together. In addition, the Monarch Lab and MJV online stores have recently merged into one.  

The Monarch Larva Monitoring Program is now jointly coordinated by the Monarch Joint Venture and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum. You can read more about this in the Spring 2018 MLMP Newsletter.

Katie-Lyn Bunney, the Monarch Lab education coordinator, has been hired as the MJV education coordinator. She is working to conclude grants and other operations at the Monarch Lab as we make this transition. Please feel free to contact Katie-Lyn if you’d like to share thoughts or ideas about current or future monarch education activities. She can be reached at   

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