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The Monarch Lab and KARE 11 are on a Mission

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 1:47 pm in Monarch Conservation

KARE 11 is on a Monarch Mission. The local MN news station is gearing up for a summer of education and outreach by promoting what YOU can do to help the declining population of monarch butterflies. What better place for KARE to start their Mission than the University of Minnesota Monarch Lab!

The University of Minnesota Monarch Lab is one of the leading research labs studying monarch ecology and conservation. Directed by Dr. Karen Oberhauser, the lab has been working hard on spreading the message of monarch conservation and attempting to get people involved. Follow the KARE 11 down the monarch flyway from the University of Minnesota to Texas where KARE meets up with some citizen scientists working to save this iconic insect. 

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