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Monarch Butterfly Population Making A Comeback- Dr. Oberhauser interviewed on KARE 11

Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 11:14 am in Monarch Conservation

(Photo: Wendy Caldwell)

The phenomenal boost in overwintering monarch butterflies has everyone optimistic about the recover of this insect icon. KARE 11 reached out to Dr. Oberhauser for her reaction to the good news released by the World Wildlife Fund last Friday.

Dr. Oberhauser cited ideal conditions in the monarchs breeding range as a major factor in the observed increase. The multitude of monarch conservation efforts by individuals and communities is sure to have played a role in the population rebound. However, as Dr. Oberhauser is points out, "we still haven't reached the point where most scientists agree the population has long-term viability." Continuing to increase habitat restoration efforts, especially on private lands and in marginalized areas like roadsides, will be crucial to monarch conservation in the near future.