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Eastern Monarch Population Status Update

Earlier this month, World Wildlife Fund Mexico released the numbers for the eastern monarch overwintering population in an announcement which can be found here.  The following text is translated from the original news announcement:  The monitoring report of the forest area occupied by Monarch butterflies in 2017-2018, carried out by WWF and Conanp, registered 9 colonies of butterflies that occupied 2.48 hectares of forests, an area that represents a decrease of 14.77 percent with respect to the previous season (2.91 ha).  Read More »

Citizen Science Brings Monarch Butterfly Parasitoids to Light

Thanks to volunteers like you, we now know more than ever about the flies that attack monarch butterfly caterpillars. Over the last 18 years, Monarch Larva Monitoring Project volunteers have collected and raised more than 20,000 monarch eggs and caterpillars, and monitored them for incidents of parasitism by tachinid flies. A recent paper published in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America uses data collected by citizen scientists to delve into monarch-parasitoid associations and help discern between natural and human-driven impacts on monarchs and their population size. Read More »

Missed The Parasitoids Webinar? Watch It Here!

Most parasitoids are tiny wasps and flies that reproduce by laying eggs on or inside of other insects. Those offspring develop by eating the host from the inside, eventually killing it. Parasitoids lead lifestyles that may seem alien to us, but they are an extremely diverse and important part of our ecosystems.  Read More »

Monarch Parasitoids Webinar this Thursday!

The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project is presenting this week in the Monarch Joint Venture Monarch Conservation Webinar Series on the latest research results from citizen scientist contributions to MLMP! Join us this Thursday (3/20) by registering here: Read More »

MLMP Featured on SciStarter Newsletter

SciStarter is celebrating Pollinator Week in this week’s newsletter. They featured many citizen science groups that focus on studying and protecting our beloved pollinators! MLMP was one of those groups featured, as well as BeeSpotter, Great Sunflower Project, BAMONA, Bumble Bee Watch and DigiVol. Check out the newsletter to learn more about these pollinator groups and get involved!  Read More »

Funding available for citizen science projects in Wisconsin

A request for proposals has been issued by the Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Partnership Program! Individuals, organizations, agencies, etc. can apply for up to $5000 to fund citizen-based monitoring efforts of plants, animals, and habitats in WI. Projects that provide priority monitoring information will be considered, and the MLMP is on this list! If you or others you know are looking for financial support for monarch monitoring (or other citizen science projects) in Wisconsin, please take advantage of this opportunity. The deadline is June 6th!  The RFP (request for proposals) is available on the Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Network website at Read More »

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