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American Spring LIVE

(Photo: PBS)

Spring is one of nature’s greatest performances – a time of rebirth, renewed energy and dramatic transformations. For three consecutive nights, Monday, April 29 - Wednesday, May 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings) and Facebook, Nature: American Spring LIVE presents the change from winter to spring in real time from iconic locations across America.

“Nature throws a party every year, and it’s called spring. It is the most active time in the natural world for plants and animals, from birth and rebirth to migrations to pollination,” said Nature executive producer Fred Kaufman. “In addition to witnessing incredible wonders, the goal of Nature: American Spring LIVE is to inspire people to go outside and get involved with science. Everyone can play a part in our natural world.”

A diverse group of researchers and citizen scientists will investigate how a wide range of organisms respond to the change of seasons. They will share their insights into the natural world, reveal new technologies that make their discoveries possible and encourage audiences to join the adventure of science. The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (MLMP) will be featured on Nature: American Spring LIVE and explain how to get involved in the science of spring through monarch citizen science.

There are two ways to participate in American Spring LIVE through MLMP.

  1. Submit a one time milkweed or monarch observation. Find instructions here and submit observations here.
  2. Set up a regular monitoring site and submit weekly observations of milkweed and monarchs at your site. Find instructions here. (If you already have a weekly monitoring site, keep up the good work! By monitoring this spring, you are contributing to this effort.)

For more information about the program, visit the Nature: American Spring LIVE website, or sign up for updates.

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