University of Minnesota

The Majestic Monarch Butterfly

Contributed by Jessica Dumas

Oh, what an awesome work of art is the majestic monarch butterfly

Thrilling to watch bold black and orange wings fluttering in the sky

They joyously perform their duty pollinating from flower to flower

So delicate, humble, and vulnerable yet are blessed with vast power

Hard times they have going through the four stages of their short life

From egg to caterpillar that eats all day to a chrysalis full of strife

To become a beauty spreading wings of a new creation

With the plight of a dwindling population.

Autumn brings a mission to put forth a big effort indeed

As they navigate a migration flying southwest at slow speed

To hibernate in mild winter instead of a cold death with no pardon

When Spring comes the mothers-to-be go to find a milkweed garden

To lay her 300 eggs that start a new generation of monarchs who pollinates

As she wonders if all the milkweed dies, will we do something that resonates

How much we love the insects and birds that travel back and forth to spread

Pollen that is needed to give us fruits & vegetables to go with our daily bread

So it is not clear how we can keep the earth looking like a park

When we keep stealing the habitat from the monarch!

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