University of Minnesota

Painted Ladies Too

Contributed by George Kittell

September 6 th and everywhere
Were ladies colored black,
And orange and white they filled the air
And south these damsels tracked.
A truly social butterfly,
Oft stopping if to tease;
A mottled pleasure to the eye
And so they sailed with ease.
This dappled damsel is worldwide
And can’t survive a freeze;
In thistle does her larva hide
From here to overseas.
Her chrysalis is tan and gold,
Her eggs are sapphire blue;
This lady can’t abide the cold,
She’s only passing through.
Her lower wings have 8 eyespots
And seen when wings up-fold,
But sparkling wings she does fold not,
For purposely more bold.
These ladies now were everywhere,
But only passing through;
Their dappled red outspread the air,
And stopping, teasing too.

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