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Oh, To Be a Butterfly

Contributed by Jessica Dumas

Oh, to be a butterfly

Gliding far as the wind will carry me

Flying high over clouds in the bright blue sky

As gleefully pain free as a child running carefree

With no worries where money will come from to buy

just the necessities of life, not wanting a shopping spree

Able to go anywhere without prodding my body to comply

Having loved ones to support me and not wanting to flee

Oh, how I dream of being as free as a multihued butterfly

Spreading awesome rainbow wings wholesome and pain free

Fluttering over springtime blossoms admired by many an eye

Able to hug family without them being afraid to touch me

To be with loved ones passed on brings such a solemn sigh

It’s a fleeting fantasy to get me through my painful plea

As I send up a prayer asking for help to get me by

Accepting myself and faithfully reaching for what I was meant to be!



By Jessica J. Dumas-Gault

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