University of Minnesota

Common Milkweed

Contributed by Gayle Sweeney

On a sparkling day some children in play opened up milkweed
Pods between fingers and thumbs with delight.
Once set free brown seeds from inside with white spun, silk
Threads took to a breeze in summery, magical flights.
Little did those children know for Monarch butterflies green,
Sunny homes like pure heaven they were making -
Milkweed villas where caterpillars munch leaves and soon to
Open are shiny orange, butterfly wings.
If we went back to our childhood when joyful milkweed pods
We found all called to us to come out and play -
They'd be more Monarchs in the wondrous world to bring
Magnificent happiness and brighten up our days!

-- Gayle Sweeney
October 2010

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