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Outreach Opportunities

We'd love to come to you!

Our staff are completely booked through August with workshops and events. Because of this, we will not be able to attend any events until after Labor Day. If you have a request for an event that is happening after Labor Day, please do feel free to contact us, though our responses may be slow.

We offer the following programs:

  • Adults/General Public: This includes public or private event presentations on pretty much any topic related to monarch conservation, including (but not limited to): monarch biology and ecology, habitat restoration, citizen science, gardening, and conservation. Presentation length ranges from 15 minutes to full day.
  • Classroom visit: This includes a program for students on monarch biology and life cycle, ecology, conservation, citizen science, or gardening for monarchs. Programs can take place in your classroom OR outside on your school grounds. We can tailor this program to fit the needs of your classroom for a small extra fee. This extra fee will cover any extra materials or staff time needed to make the adjustments to our programs
  •  Professional Development for Teachers/Adults: These small workshops can be tailored for your specific group’s needs. You would work with a staff member at the Monarch Lab to develop what this would look like. Workshops can range from a couple of hours to a full day for your staff.


  • Adults/General Public: $60/hour per staff needed, plus mileage at the government rate
  • Classroom visit: $75/hour per staff needed, plus mileage at the government rate
  • Professional development for Teachers/Adults: $100/hour per staff needed, plus mileage at the government rate

Our Availability

  • Monarch Lab typically hosts various workshops each summer, so June - July are our busiest months and we are less available for outside speaking engagements.
  • We rely on wild monarchs to supply organisms for show and tell, so if this is important to you in your classroom, the best time for us to visit would be early in the school year (September or early October). We cannot guarantee monarchs to show at any time of the year, but especially from October to June.
  • We encourage you to book early! Our schedules fill up quickly with other speaking requests, workshops and other commitments. Due to staff time and limited availability, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

To book a program, please email and a someone will contact you with our availability. 

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