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Thank you for supporting the UMN Monarch Lab!

Donations to the University of Minnesota Monarch Lab will benefit many different programs. Since we are housed physically and fiscally at the University of Minnesota, all donations come through the University of Minnesota Foundation to our specific fund, which is called the "Monarch Conservation and Education Fund". If you wish to donate by sending a check, you can do so by mailing it to us at the address in the footer. Make checks payable to "Monarch Conservation and Education Fund". 

The Monarch Lab engages in many aspects of monarch conservation. We run a citizen science program for monitoring monarch eggs and larvae and coordinate a multitude of different educational programs. Here is an overview of programs which your contributions would support: 

Schoolyard Garden Grants: The Monarch Lab offers limited funding for schools to install butterfly or pollinator gardens on their school grounds to use as outdoor classrooms. This program helps to cultivate a generation of students who will care about nature. Schoolyard gardens are especially important in urban areas, since the only ‘nature’ available in many urban schoolyards is grass. Since grass is not suitable habitat for most wildlife, including pollinators like monarchs, you’ll be aiding in the creation of habitat. Important pollinators, as well as other invertebrates, birds, and even some mammals, will use the schoolyard gardens that your donations help to create!

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (MLMP): The MLMP is our citizen science program. We coordinate volunteers from across North America who monitor monarch eggs and larvae on their milkweed plants throughout the growing season. Information we gather from this project has provided necessary data for many analyses and publications, and continues to help us further our understanding of monarch distribution and abundance. Donations will support the coordination and continuation of this program, training workshops in key geographic areas, and improvements to the program website and outreach and monitoring materials. 

Monarch Lab Educational Programs: Education is a large component of the Monarch Lab's work. We have organized workshops throughout the country that are supported by different grants, but we also pursue many opportunities to speak to local classrooms or community groups to engage more people in Minnesota. General support for the Monarch Lab will help to support our staff to conduct more presentations or workshops throughout Minnesota and surrounding states. 

Insect Fair: Our annual Insect Fair has been held at the University of Minnesota for the past 18 years. Your support for this program will allow us to continue to provide this experience for youth from throughout Minnesota. Each year we have approximately 300 students attend the Insect Fair with their teachers and family members. They participate in educational breakout sessions and share their own research with a group of other students and a scientist interviewer.  

If you would like to designate your contribution to one of these programs in particular, you can do so by following the directions below, or by directly emailing us letting us know what you would like your donation to be used for ( 

To make a donation, click the button below and you'll be taken to the University of Minnesota’s Giving Page. If you would like to designate a specific use for your funds, please use the "Add Special Instructions" box at the bottom of the page. Additionally, there is an option near the bottom to give a gift in honor or memory of someone. 

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