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Biodiversity and Systematics

Monarch Life Cycle


  • Spring migration map (pdf)
  • Fall migration map (pdf)
  • Tying a pupa and measuring wing length (pdf)
  • Common milkweed with blossoms (pdf)
  • Butterfly scales (pdf)
  • SEM photos: butterfly head with ommatidia, and tip of antenna (pdf)
  • Male monarch (pdf)
  • Female monarch (pdf)
  • Adult emerging and nectaring (pdf)
  • Female and male pupae, front view (pdf)
  • Prepual larva, hanging in the “J” (pdf)
  • Five instars, magnified 4X (pdf)
  • Newly-hatched larva eating eggshell (pdf)
  • SEM photo of monarch egg (pdf)
  • Caterpillar anatomy and 4th instar larva (pdf)
  • Caterpillar head anatomy and SEM photo of caterpillar head (pdf)
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